Friday, May 05, 2006

La Familia Aguilar

A friend from work who attended the Farewell concert of the La Familia Aguilar last night reported that he incorporated the May Day protests into his act. Joking that his horse was from Mexico and was here to march (this to setup the horse to march around the stage) and when he said this the audience burst into enthusiastic applause. However a few minutes later when he got serious and encouraged the audience to remember what America had done for them, calling out "Viva Los Estados Unidos de América" the audience gave a more polite applause, with the exception of those citizens like Ana and her family who jumped to their feet.

I have searched and searched and can find no mention of this. Apparently La Familia Aguilar is a very well respected and loved musical and rodeo family (they have dancing horses) and it would be nice if this kind of statement about the feeling of Mexican immigrants (legal ones) was given a wider audience.


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