Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Let's hear it for Amazon's penchant for showing alternatives to your current selection

I have found a lot of good music that I ordinarily would not have known of by following Amazon's recommendations and links to purchases made by other buyers of the particular CD I am ordering at the time. I have also found some good books this way but don't normally try it for selecting DVDs.

I bought the first season of Grey's Anatomy and apparently this drove a link to Wish Upon a Star which also has Katerine Heigl in it. Normally if I had just read the story description I would have given this a pass. However this time I read an Amazon buyer's review that convinced me (along with the price tag of $6.99) that this might be worthwhile. So in today's shipment from Amazon along with Doom the movie (Ok, so it probably stinks but I am a SF nut!) came Wish Upon a Star and I popped it in the player.The first half of the movie was pretty predictable though it was interesting to see a younger, brunette, Heigl. But the last half made up for it in being much less predictable and just plain fun.


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