Friday, February 10, 2006

TV Programming needs to grow up

TV Programming needs to move faster.  The major networks are just starting to catch on that a 20-26 episode schedule September to May is not the only profitable schedule any more.  Notice the season premieres that are beginning to show up for summer and spring in response to cable’s non-traditional scheduling.  

However there is one tradition I wish they would reconsider soon and there is some evidence in favor of changing if they pay attention.  I am speaking about special event night programming.  Ever since I can remember (yes, they had TV when I was a kid) when certain major events were on the channels not carrying it would schedule repeats or low budget specials.  Like for the next few weeks while the Olympics are on NBC we can look forward to a long run of repeats on ABC, CBS, UPN, Fox, etc.

But, if they look at what happened this week on Grammy night, they might find reasons to try something different.  American Idol beat the Grammys in viewers by 28 million to 15 million.  Now media stories are all about how the Grammys have been loosing viewers, we see the same stories about Monday Night Football, the Presidential conventions, Miss America and almost every other traditional show.  What they don’t seem to understand is that these events were always more entertainment than interesting.  Now that people have choices even if they aren’t great, they turn to other shows.  

If the TV networks would try to capture some audience away from events like the Olympics or The Academy Awards they might be more successful than they would expect.  But, and here’s the kicker, they then have to accept that their view of what’s important in the world may not prove to be reality!


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