Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Honor Harrington movie or TV series?

It seems that rumors are out that the long anticipated movie based on David Weber's Honor Harrington series may actually be moving towards reality. I also noted that there is a posting for the movie with producers names who have at least some films to their credit. I don't know how long this has been up, it also lists Peter Sands (Ayn Rand, The Happy Valley, Diamond Skulls, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne - two episodes) as the Screenplay writer, Victoria Burrows (all three Lord of the Rings, Hostage, King Kong and Polar Express) as Casting Director and Tom Meleck (Brainstorm-1983, Drive, In Enemy Hands, an episode of Quantum Leap and Across the Tracks) as Production Designer.

However Peter Sands bio on IMDB and VisionFire states that it will be a TV series which means most the names being bandied about to play Honor probably won't be available for such a long commitment. Though this was caught first by whoever edited the Wikipedia entry for Honor Harrington and it's clones.

There has been an ongoing debate as to who should play Honor in the movie, we should probably now turn out thoughts to who would play her on TV. Most of the ones I have heard suggested for the movie probably would not commit to a TV series as it is a much longer commitment that most screen actresses would steer away from.

Maybe Michelle Lintel (Black Scorpion)

or Shannon Elizabeth (yes her!)

or Robia LaMorte though at 5'6" she may be too short

A popular vote in poll for playing Honor in the movie is Claudia Black who I agree would be good, but I think is a little too old (certainly not old, but for the role) given the perceived youth of prolong receipients (you have to read the books)

Another choice from the movie poll that would be good but too short is Kristen Kreuk

An excellent Honor that might be talked into going back to TV, though also in the too short category, is Jessica Alba

Though I would love to see Charisma Carpenter as Honor!

A vote from the movie poll that would be a good possiblity for TV is Lexa Doig (Andromeda) though also too short


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