Wednesday, December 21, 2005

New DVDs

I just finished watching the latest set of new release DVDs from Amazon. Just what I needed to help relax this week.

The Brothers Grimm - Nice take off on the old fairy tales. Kept me interested and wasn't as straight forward as I was afraid it might be.

Must Love Dogs - As touching as expected, excellently acted and hit just the right mood. I do wonder about how often the movies show actors living a comfortable life (compared to most) with no means of support.

Serenity - What can I say. Just pure Joss Whedon, I didn't get to see it more than once when it was on the big screen, though this plays much better on the big screen. It just has that feel that begs for a scree 20' tall to match the story and the characters. I really enjoyed the deleted scenes and there were a few I really wish had been left in the movie. Specially the last with the Operative where Mal walks away saying "What a whiner."


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