Monday, December 12, 2005

The Agitator full of news (mostly bad) on our freedoms

The Agitator has done an excellent job of pointing to many articles around the web telling of the erosion of our freedoms. I would like to take a minute to point a few out to my friends.

Pot leads to HIV?! Ok follow the bounding ball; smoke, get stone, unprotected sex, HIV. Stupid is as stupid does! Good blog, I immediately added DARE Generation to my must read list of blogs!

Congress has so lost track of what their constitutional duties. They need to sit down and read Davy Crockett

One of the things that people who support the War on Drugs forget is the cost the innocent pay.

Parsley can be illegal?

Would you like a .357 with that pie sir?

If you haven't heard of Cory Maye you ought to.

If you have lived or visited DC you know jaywalking is just something everyone does. However this is first I have heard that ticketing someone for jaywalking is the DC police first response for an elderly man lying near death in the street!

Leave your mediation behind if you plan on heading to South Padre Island.


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