Sunday, December 11, 2005

Idiot Hollywood writers, editors, and directors.

I am one of those people who tape all the TV shows I want to watch so I can watch them when I want to (maybe the only one as I have never run into another one who does.) Last week was very light in watchable shows so I taped a few shows that I ordinarily skip one of which was Joey.

The story was about an old flame of Joey's sister being in town and they are doing a scene where this loser and her son get in a competition on who is the smarter and Joey notices that they are exhibiting the exact same mannerisms. Joey turns to her and asks "How long ago did you sleep with Jimmy?", her response "22 years ago", Joey then asks "And how old is Michael?", her response "22 and 9 months".

I went back and checked on tape to make sure I wasn't mistaken and that is exactly what they said. So not only did the writer screw up the dialogue but the director and editors also missed it afterwards. They evidently knew that they needed to add nine months but seemed unclear on to which end of the equation.


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