Thursday, December 08, 2005

More news in biodiesel today,

This article focuses more on the consumer market end of the equation and provides an interesting view. (Oregon)

Another plan to build a biodiesel plant, this time in Tennessee

In other parts of the world Malayasia plans to build three plants and mentions that global demand for biodiesel is expected to hit 10.5 million tonnes a year soon.

To show that the NIMBY principle doesn’t apply only to prisons and oil refinieries a planned biodiesel plant in Louisville comes unter assault by local residents. Residents are said to fear “…potential problems with odors, chemical emissions and truck traffic.” One resident is quoted as saying "We don't need it, we don't want it." And another "We want some other kind of business in there we know won't cause pollution problems." The article also provides a fact from the National Biodiesel Board that 46 biodiesel plants operate around the country. (Kentucky)

This article speaks to where I see the greatest potentional of biodiesel to be, in the manufacture of their own biodiesel by users. Costillo County is building their own small biodiesel plant from canola to fuel the county vehicles. The other by products will be sold, glycerol for a number of products such as soap or to be used for dust control on roads in major developments to prevent pollution to streams and canola meal as livestock feed.



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