Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Murtha seems to either not pay attention or only reads what supports his position.

Today while reading the latest on the shooting in Miami by a air-marshal, I saw this posting about Murtha claiming Bush has no credibility on Iraq. The article states 'But Murtha told reporters, "I don't see the kind of progress he sees." He said Iraqi electricity and oil production still lag behind prewar levels, and billions in reconstruction funds remain unspent.'. Maybe he should read (or at least not ignore) this Washington Times article. If you are only going to pay attention to what is not getting better (and the terrorists are doing their best to prevent progress) and ignore all the good news, then sure you are going to see the glass as half empty.

That reminds me of the story a few days ago with protesting the reduction in staff at a major newspaper. This recent report from the Media Research Center shows how the media is focusing on negative events in Iraq. Is it a wonder that some people thing that Iraq is a failure? But for a senator to allow himself to be ignorant of the progress made or worse yet to mis-represent the progress, and then cast Bush as lacking credibility base on that spin, is unacceptable.


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