Sunday, December 11, 2005

Great sites to find good Holiday gifts

If you have having a hard time finding gifts for the holidays here are some sites where I do my window shopping for things I would like to have.

Gizmodo, this site has the latest and greated gadgets and hi-tech gear. If your guy sweats a lot you might want to avoid the iPod underwear! They also have some hi-tech toys for actual kids here too.

Uncrate, this site concentrates on men's fear ranging from clothes, bags, cars, and other manly gadgets.

Hi-Tech Toys, I ran into this TV show the other day and this is their web site.

For coffee lovers try the Coffeegeek.

If you know someone who is going to server our country in the Middle East or just likes to shoot the heck out of things you might try Ranger Joe's.

For you ladies who have a problem with their man leaving the seat up try this.

I visited the brick and mortar site of this store when passing through Montana when I moved to Washington and bought a great patterned sheepskin throw.

I have wanted for some time a really long scarf like Dr. Who wore and haven't found anything until now. I found two sites selling long scarves inspired by the Harry Potter movies, this one looks to have a big backlog, but this one not only has Hogwartz inspired scarves but Dr. Who scarves with no apparent backlog.

If you know a bibliophile here are some great sites; Powells has a great choice of out of publication books. When I lived in North Virginia and needed a technical book Reiter's was always the best place to go and still is.

A few years ago I began collecting old pinups from the '30s and '40s because while sexy they are also light hearted. This is a great site for finding them.

If you want to give your loved ones some of the best grazing for the holidays try The Nut Factory. Their brick and mortar store was just down the highway fro where I lived in Spokane and my co-workers love of the candy accounts for many a visit to my cube at work.


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