Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Top Ten: NY TWU striker another reason to...

This posting by Instapundit reader Robert Brunham that the strike is just another reason not to live in a high density city lead me to come up with the following top ten.

Not only is the TWU strike another reason not to live in a big city, it is also;

1. ...another reason not to implement mass transit in cities that don't have it.

2. ...another reason not to expand mass transit in cities that have entered the game.

3. ...another reason why we won't replace cars.

4. ...another reason why unions are loosing favor in all but government jobs.

5. ...another reason not to trust other government unions, as if you needed another, like the teachers union.

6. ...another reason to expand telecommuting.

7. ...another reason to look for a job in the suburbs.

8. ...another reason to live in the south, at least if you have to walk to work, daycare, school, etc., it's not 2ยบ.

9. ...another reason to get that Segway for Christmas.

10. ...and finally, another reason to leave town for the holidays.

As this posting points out this strike is a battle of the have-nots versus the have-nots.

I found the TWU strike plans on Local 100's blog site to be a hoot. After all, everyone knows this strike is all about the public's safety! And it is to insure the public is safe and management doesn't try any tricks that the union will insure the buses and trains stay shut down during the strike!

This quote is just so touching, of course I am sure the public will cheer those picketers on;

"To our riders, we ask for your understanding and forbearance.

We stood with you to keep token booths open, to keep conductors on the train, and to oppose fare hikes.

We now ask that you stand with us. "


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