Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I had of those interesting conversations tonight that always catches you off guard, or maybe just me. I was having dinner with two colleagues from work and one, knowing of course I would disagree, brought up gun control. I am always surprised when well-educated people take a position such as we ought to get rid of all guns. The idea that we could actually get rid of ALL guns is a fantasy, was pretty much my exact words. We can't even keep out drugs, another ridiculous idea, why would you think we can keep out guns.

I raised the idea that even if you COULD get rid of all guns and keep them out, the criminals (or those of us who believe in self defense) could always build guns. His reply was something about preventing them from getting the materials to build guns. Ok, there go plumbing supply stores, hardware stores, etc.. He actually acted surprised to hear you don't need a license to own a gun. He also seemed a bit stumped that the police will admit they can't prevent violence, only arrest the perpetrator after the fact.

I decided to check out what was the latest on the web on the subject and ran across this gem! San Francisco, in their own fantasy world for years, has decided to outlaw ban guns citywide. This in a city where 74 out of 94 murders this year are unsolved. This quote from a representative from Second Amendment Foundation was great; "Supervisor Chris Daly, the gun ban's sponsor and biggest advocate, says he will introduce a city charter amendment to create a homicide prevention council. They're going to draft a plan to reduce homicides. Yeah, like that's going to stop San Francisco thugs from murdering people."

When was the last time a government plan ever had anything but the opposite affect?


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