Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Failed Economics but passed Bible School

Failed Economics but passed Bible School

A woman in Olathe, KS has decided that Spencer’s Gifts should be treated as an adult store even though it does not meet the city specification as to percentage of sales from adult products to be designated as such.  She was offended by some pictures that she saw, that I am sure are no worse than what Playboy or what ever has in everyday book stores.  Jerry Agar on the local talk radio spent some time this afternoon speaking about the issue.  There were plenty of women who called in to say they were offended by the products Spencer’s carried and embarrassed.  Jerry tried to steer the middle path saying that the woman who went to City Halls said she is not trying to shut down Spencer’s just get it treated like an adult business.  That’s like saying that you don’t want to treat someone as a criminal just as a drug addict.  Most cities treat adult businesses as if they were breeding grounds for anthrax.  They can only operate in certain parts of the city far removed from anything but warehouses and such all of which are a long way away from malls where Spencer’s Gifts are usually located.  Course these are the same people that don’t like the KY Warming Ultra Gel TV commercials.

So I ask; Why do these people always go to city hall first rather than trying to use the power of the consumer?  Try boycotting the store, ask your friends to get together to write to the headquarters to change their product line, do something without trying to add yet another law to our staggering load we have now!  


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