Thursday, February 23, 2006

Scalzi's The Ghost Brigades

I just finished John Scalzi’s latest novel The Ghost Brigades. It fulfilled the promise of his first, Old Man’s War, and more. At first I found the secondary issue of Boutin’s consciousness as an irritant to the general story line, but I believed that he would eventually become important and of course it did.

The climax of the story when the villain explained his reasons for his villainy was pretty poignant. I think that it is an excellent example of how people who only have part of the reasons why government does things can be so sure that they have a better way and then go to extremes that they would heartily denounce in others to try and implement their own world view.

Yes, I am tip toeing around the details to give my impressions without giving away the story, but what it comes down to this an excellent novel.


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