Thursday, April 06, 2006

Update on books read

The Atrocity Archives - Charles Stross
I think if you asked Dilbert to write a thriller based on magic this would be it. After a while the sheer ludicrous nature of most of what is going on just fades into background because the story and characters are so enjoyable. A must read for any Dilbert fan.

In Fury Born - David Weber
This is a re-release which I read the first time round, but since it has been almost fifteen years since then I had to get it to read again. This was written about the time of the first Honor Harrington book and in many ways is similar with a strong woman heroine and a sidekick. But in this case the sidekick can not only talk but recides in the heroines head so providing insight into what she feels comes as a matter of course.

The Complete Hammer's Slammers, Volume 1
- David Drake
Another old favorite that has been combined several stories in re-release. David Drake and Jerry Pournelle are what I consider to be the godfathers of military SF. If you like Eric Flint, David Weber, or John Ringo then this is a must read.

Engaging The Enemy - Elizabeth Moon
This is the third in the Kylara Vatta series. The universe is similar to the Liaden Universe of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, but pure science. The characters are family structures are similar to her Familias Regnant series, but universe is very Balkanized. Unlike most SF there is no star empire or even any powerful star nations. It calls for some interesting problems and solutions and even more problems with the solutions. Very enjoyable.

Crystal Dragon - Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
This is in the prequel series (the second in the Great Migration Duology) to the Liaden Universe and helps to understand the more exoteric portions of the later series. A bit short but still very worth reading.

Boundary - Eric Flint & Ryk E. Spoor
The characters are similar to those used by John Ringo in Into the Looking Glass and Travis Taylor's Warp Speed and The Quantum Connection, that is smart and capable men and women. Also similarly these smart capable people are drawn into something entirely beyond what they expected and excel at it. Does remind me of the first in the Grey Lensman books a little.

Mourning Dove
- Aimee & David Thurlo
This is the umpteenth (ok, 12th) in the Ella Clah series and holds up very well. Sticks close to the formula of the rest and consequenly is very enjoyable. A very worth successor to Tony Hillerman.


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