Sunday, December 04, 2005

This just in; "Teaching with a personal bias is wrong"

Course it seems to depend on what you are teaching. Religious conservatives were up in arms because a recent class to teach Intelligent Design and Creationism as myths was planned for Kansas University. They are using the professors personal comments as cause why he should not be teaching it, but they would really prefer the class not be taught at all though 32 students had already signed up for it.

Too bad they don't get so worked up over all the normal sociology, history and political science classes taught by professors with a bias. They may also describe the entire women's studies and any race based department. Who are they kidding? Most any class taught today is by a professor with some personal bias. Some do better than others at keeping their bias from seeping into their course material but many, if not most, seem to be hired for the express purpose of teaching from their bias.


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