Thursday, September 01, 2005

People who listen to the news and have no clue

This morning when I rode up the elevator at work I shared the elevator with two women discussing the disaster in New Orleans. One women mentioned that a rescue helicopter was fired on and then said "When are we going to get rid of handguns! People need to understand that we aren't safe until we get rid of guns!"

It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut! Those who know me realize how difficult that is! This women obviously just heard the news report and decided the problem was that these people had guns. She evidently missed the fact that people were getting carjacked, raped, and robbed by people with guns simply because they did not have a weapon to defend themselves with. How can you hear about the lawless elements running amok and the police stretched to the breaking point and think it is better to be defenseless?

The right and duty to defend yourself and your family is important to all Americans. I don't think we would have as much of a problem with violence in the wake of Katrina if the thugs knew that they would be facing an armed citizen when they tried to take their car. This particularly applies to those events where drugs and critical supplies were taken. Most of these public facilities have policies against their employees being armed which means they are preventing them from defending their life much less the critical medical supplies that were taken.


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