Sunday, December 04, 2005

Biodiesel breaking out all over.

I thought I would start paying more attention to biodiesel recently and find that there are efforts everywhere. The following are just a few of this week's highlights;

The first biodiesel plant in Wisconsin breaks ground.

Wyoming looking to be a major hub in the biodisel industry.

There does seem to be some room for improvement. Algae in your fuel tank! - (Colorado)

Caldwell County School District in Kentucky switched to Bio20.

This one I have seen several places. I am sure I would prefer all these byproducts in my fuel then in my hotdog! - (Montreal)

Another reason for living in the country instead of the crowded city -(Iowa).

Now we know what to do with the fat from all those chickens. - (Arkansas)

Texas isn't going to be left out of this new fuel industry either.


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