Monday, June 09, 2008

News books from some of my favorite authors.

As always when one of my favorite authors new books came out I had Amazon rush them to me and there have been several lately.

Jim Butcher Small Favor - 10th in the Dresden Files series
It's time for Harry to repay the Queen of the Winter Court for past favors and in the process his friend Michael and Michael's family face mortal danger. Not the best in the series, but damn good.

Elizabeth George Careless in Red - 14th in the Inspector Lynley series
Lynley is far from dealing with his wife's death. This book follows his trail of despair and the seeds of recovery.

Charles Todd A Pale Horse - 10th in the Inspector Ian Rutledge series
Inspector Rutledge struggles on with the ghost of his army sergeant muttering away. As always an interesting and disturbing tale.

C.J. Box Blood Trail - 9th in the Joe Pickett series
Joe and his family have finally moved out of their mother's reach and a good riddance to her. The governor has assigned Joe another no win case where he is very likely to get killed. And if you thought Nate was safe in prison guess again. A very good story with Joe treading the bounds of honor and stepping over the letter of the law....again.

Randy Wayne White Black Widow - 15th in the Doc Ford series
Doc no longer has the contacts he once had and is facing more personal issues while helping his goddaughter out of trouble. If you like Doc you will really like this one.

W.E.B. Griffin & W.E. Butterworth IV Death and Honor - 4th in the Honor Bound series
Like most of the Honor Bound series this novel is more involved in the back story of history than in action. It is a good read and full of interesting insights into figures from history that don't always match what I remember from the history books, or the media stories.

Lee Child Nothing to Lose - 12th in the Jack Reacher series
I have been a fan of this modern day knight errant series for some time. This one felt a bit different from the start. I am not sure exactly why, but through the first three quarters of the novel the story just felt like it was missing something. There were women who needed help, as usual, but for the most part they were unwilling to talk to Reacher. The last quarter of the book explained it all and is where I suddenly found myself reading a book that I ordinarily wouldn't bother to pickup. Jack comes out against the War on Terror and all that comes with it.

Tanya Huff Valor's Trial - 4th in the Confederation series
Torin is back with her old company and ready to deal with normal combat. Of course the universe is not having anything to do with normal and Torin is once more called upon to show the marines that a gunny always knows the right thing to do.


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